Monday, 2 June 2008

Leghorn chick - 3 weeks old

At 3 weeks, the chick appears almost entirely feathered.

There are bare areas on the sides of the bird where the down has gone but the feathers have not yet appeared, and the head is still largely covered with down.

The comb has started to develop colour, and overall the bird is beginning to look more like a hen than a chick.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, that is a cockerel. The boys start early with pink/red appearing in their combs, the girls will stay smaller, and I think you can already see some wattles on him as well. The poulets don't get the wattles and their combs stay "beige" until at least 8 weeks when they just start to slowly get a little color. At that point, the boys have full blown combs and wattles (though they'll stll get bigger) The hens get their long/fold over comb just before laying age.