Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Autumn is definitely here!

An interesting start to the week. Beautiful weather over the weekend has given way to a more Autumnal feel. Even if the temperatures are above the norm, the morning mists when I let the chickens and geese out remind me that Summer is over.

The hedgerows remain weighed down with fruit. Several gallons of blackberry and sloe wine have already been started, and it will soon be time to gather the rosehips, which make a superb rosé. Our friends Rod & Poppy have let us into their orchard, and as a result we have about 2 cwt of apples, which should make enough apple wine and cider to see us through the winter. Local lore says that the abundant berries mean a hard winter!

Our holiday cottage is now let through Christmas and New Year, so Welle House should be jumping this December!

Sunday, 8 October 2006

The beginning

This is very much an experiment, to compliment my existing site for my B&B in East Prawle. I hope to post photos through the year of the changes around the house and East Prawle, comments on the gigs at the Pigs Nose, and any other blurb I can think of.

If it doesn't work, no harm, but I think it may work.

Time will tell.